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RMC English – Judy

Judy’s Class

Judy has been teaching our Asylum Seeker English class for over 2 years.

These sessions will be aimed at those with a little English to get them started.

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2020/21 class year

Lesson 21 – Covid-19 Vaccination Vocabulary

Lesson 20

Making lemon curd vocabulary

Lesson 19

The 2021 Census

Lesson 18 – Comparative and superlative adjectives

Lesson 17

Road vocabulary

Lesson 16

Bicycle vocabulary

Lesson 15

What’s in a sewing box?

Lesson 14

What’s in a toolbox?

Lesson 13

Weather vocabulary

Lesson 11 – Past Verb Tenses – Looking back at childhood

Lesson 12 – Looking forward – Using the future tense

Lesson 9

Suffixes “Full” & “Less”

Lesson 10

Past & Future Verb Tenses

Lesson 7 – Synonyms (Words that mean the same)

Lesson 8 – Prefixes explanation & listening skills

Lesson 6

Adjectives and Adverbs

Lesson 5

Listening skills

Lesson 4 – The Story of Androcles & the lion

There are a few worksheets for this weeks class.

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Lesson 1 – Comparison words

Lesson 2 – Mammals

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