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International Volunteer Day 2019

This International Volunteer Day we are sending out a big thanks to all of our volunteers who help us each and every day. Volunteering is a key part of our work at RMC and volunteers are given the chance to build their skills and get new experiences while making a huge impact on our work and clients.

We asked some of our youngest volunteers about their experiences, how volunteering impacted them, and if they think other people should volunteer in their communities. Here are their views this International Volunteer Day:

My name is Sigal

Volunteering at RMC helped me to open new doors and changed my view towards other people especially those who are new to this country and saw how difficult it is for them.

Volunteering is important in general because it provides individuals with enough experience and the opportunity to see how things work in our society, strengthen ties with your community and most importantly have fun while doing activities.

At the RMC I gained the confidence to speak and ask clients beside learning new skills for example I learnt that everyone communicate differently and therefore employees in general are flexible and adapt depending on the circumstances they give the sense of strong community. Before volunteering I did not know what the difference between asylum seeker and refugee is until I volunteered at RMC.

My name is Dominic

One way I experienced RMC giving support is in the ‘ESOL’ classes. The ESOL class offers help to people who don’t have English as a first language and need or want to learn it. Some people that come into these classes have very recently entered the UK and barely speak a word of English. I had the chance to work with some of the people, who had barely any idea what I was saying, and clearly struggling with the class. 

This really opened my eyes on how hard it was for these people to live in the UK. Lots of the people that come already have lot of things to worry about upon entering the UK, and now they had to learn a completely new language, sometimes just to even work. Working with, and trying to teach these people basic English spellings and pronunciations really tested, and improved my communication and listening skills. It’s very rewarding watching someone leave the classroom with that little extra knowledge of a language you helped them gain. 

My experience at RMC has really widened my knowledge and understanding for the people entering the UK, its helped me understand that coming into the UK is only half of the difficulty these people face.

Actually adapting to UK life, while trying to live a normal one is a challenge in itself. RMC has also helped me gain new communication skills; to have to be patient when talking to these people, and speaking in a way they will understand has really helped me. 

My name is Georgia

People should volunteer as it helps to broaden their idea of work environments, if they are new to it.  It also helps enhance their confidence and self-esteem, skills such as communication and as to how they can adapt it to suit the situation. On top of all this, it gives a sense of helping others within a community, and because they enjoy it. Some people volunteer to meet new people as this can help you make new friends. 

Whilst people volunteer they begin to make a difference within what they are doing as this begins to have a positive effect on the people they are helping. You also begin to feel as though you are a part of something outside of what you are usually used to doing.

You will also begin to take on challenges, through volunteering to try something different, achieve personal goals, practice using your skills. But the most of all have fun within what you are volunteering and have a go with different things within volunteering.

You can see more of our volunteer work by reading our story from Volunteers Week and apply to volunteer with us here.

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