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Volunteers Week: A look at our Volunteer Team and their impact

A Summary of the RMC Impact Report 2018/19

The Refugee & Migrant centre aims to break down the barriers for newly arrived communities and our volunteers make this happen each and every day.

We would like to thank them all for the time they give and the hard work they put in to support those in need.

Diversity continues to be an issue [in general volunteering]” – NCVO report, Jan 2019

A recent NCVO report has shown that those “who participate in formal volunteering at least once a month are more likely to be older, well-educated and from higher socio-economic groups”

RMC Volunteers in 2018 had an average age of 38, with the youngest being just under 18 and our oldest at 74. We had 33 different volunteers under the age of 25 and RMC has volunteers from a range of socio-economic groups. Many of our volunteers have an unsettled immigration status, some with No-Recourse to Public Funds, Limited leave to remain or currently Asylum Seekers awaiting a decision. Alongside this, we have trained doctors, Professors, Solicitors and Councillors. We are proud that our differences do not define who we are.


Our volunteers found us from a range of places:

  • 40% – staff/volunteer referrals
  • 15% – Volunteer centres & Online Vol pages
  • 13% – Friend referrals
  • 23% – Placement students
  • 9 % – RMC website

With a 54 of out 175 different volunteers having been clients of RMC

As well as supporting our existing services, our volunteers give an opportunity for us to support our clients in even more ways. In 2018:

  • 69 students attended Life in the UK lessons across Wolverhampton and Birmingham
    • Alison and Richard run a 16 week course to cover all the things required to pass the Life in the UK test – a key part of getting British Citizenship.
  • 470 Life in the UK appointments took place (348 in Wolverhampton, 122 in Birmingham)
  • 144 Enquiries around Employment dealt with by Volunteers in Birmingham who lead on our Employment service there (118 of those by Paul and Sonia alone)
  • 88 days were given to RMC by our Volunteer Solicitor who supported approximately 716 appointments in 2018 (averaging 6 people per day in Birmingham and 10 per day in Wolverhampton) – These appointments are also supported by an additional volunteer who supports with administration
  • Approximately 3 appointments per week are given by our trained volunteer councillor supporting around 5 different clients with ongoing support
  • Around 15-25 students attend our weekly Volunteer run ESOL class for Asylum seekers every week on a Tuesday, which can be increased by University students teaching an additional class on a Wednesday during term
  • Throughout the year, Sue – our 5 ways to wellbeing tutor, supports groups of 5 or 6 through a 6 week course to offer low level mental health support

For all of this, we make sure we give our volunteers a chance to develop and grow

In 2018 we offered a varied training programme, a one-one mentoring and a chance to mix with a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and experience. This included:

  • Mentoring training
  • Safeguarding training
  • Customer Service skills
  • Employability skills sessions
  • Wellbeing support training
  • Access to a range of Welfare and Benefits training
  • OISC training
  • Hope for Justice training

As well as training, we offer a chance for volunteers to mix socially and celebrate their success where possible with events such as our Bring and Share food events, Volunteers week celebration with the Mayor, Christmas party, RMC football, Volunteer Newsletters and more.


For a volunteer application pack, please email RMC’s Volunteers Manager Craig Hands at

Volunteers’ Week (1st – 7th June) is a nationwide opportunity to say thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make. Throughout this week, the Refugee and Migrant Centre (Black Country and Birmingham) (RMC), will be bringing our supporters a story each day, highlighting the diverse and invaluable contributions these people make. To find out more about how we’re celebrating, follow our Twitter or Facebook.

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