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Proud to be – Black History month at RMC

Each year for Black History Month at RMC, we take time to reflect on what Black History means to us. A chance to give it more focus, a chance to remember.

“I knew there was a history that accompanied my skin color, and my grandparents taught me to be proud of it.”

Ashley Gordon – RMC

We realise that it is something that continues throughout the year, and should not be confined to one simple month, but with the added spotlight during this time, we take the opportunity to celebrate.

This year, we came together, shared food, and most importantly, shared our stories of what we are proud to be.

Across all three of our offices, people spoke of their history, or their experiences, with some hearing stories like this for the first time. We shared cultural food, food that reminded us of family, food that reminded us of our heritage.

We are incredibly fortunate to have staff and volunteers from so many different backgrounds and cultures that all come together each day. From this, we learn from each other. We become more understanding.

You can see some of our past stories from Black History Month below.

And you can find out more about the national campaign at

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