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Afghan Relocation

Although the families have only recently arrived, our team have already been busy helping and supporting them to get used to life in the UK.

After welcoming the families and ensuring they have everything they need in their homes, the families begin to get to know the community, while the children start school.

The recent meet the police session went down so well that some now want to join the police force!

Alongside this, the team has been getting generous donations out to families, including clothing and toys. We are working hard to ensure every donation is used and goes to the right places. For this reason, our appeal for practical donations will be limited, but specific to make sure nothing goes to waste.

“It was good to get more information about tax and employment and to make sure the work we get is legal”

And once people are settled, we are supporting them to understand employment in the UK, and support to get working. They looked at salary bands for various jobs, making sure you pay your tax and how to apply for jobs.

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