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Volunteering at RMC – Volunteers Week 2022

Volunteering at RMC can be a great way to build skills, meet new people and make a difference in the community. We pride ourselves on a diverse, inclusive team and our dedicated volunteer & training manager is always on hand to provide support.

No matter if they have been volunteering for years, or have just started, volunteers are a vital part of the team. On arrival, volunteers are provided with a mentor and supervisor to support them through their volunteering and are given every opportunity to use their skills and develop new ones.

You can see our story of Judy & Katrin here. Two volunteers teaching English to asylum seekers. One who has been with RMC for many years and one that has just started.

Our opportunities are wide ranging and include advisor roles, reception, interpreters, teachers, admin and more. Take a look at our current needs and fill in our interest form if something catches your eye!

Eiman’s volunteering

We spoke to Eiman, a recent starter in the volunteer team supporting the comms team in creating stories and content. “I have found some purpose in volunteering at a place where I can work with diverse groups of people.” 

On the value of volunteering, Eiman said:

“Life is about sharing; our skills, resources, intellect and emotions with others. Through volunteering we get a chance to share one or more of the above with others and it keeps the cycle of life going. Sharing is essential for our existence and volunteering is important to learn. It is a step forward in knowing, respecting and valuing ourselves and others. “ 

Nathalie’s volunteering

Nathalie Marytsch born on the outskirts of Chile’s capital city, is working as a volunteer at RMC. She has voluntarily worked with deprived communities in Birmingham including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants for 20 years. She is a Columban Missionary with a master’s degree in Migration, Super-diversity and Policy. A mother of two children, Nathalie enjoys volunteering and considers it a vocation and a way of life. She says, “I feel being called by God to this way of life and making myself available to serve the needs of the communities, I am sent to.” 

Her message this Volunteers Week is:

“If you have time, no matter how much time you’ve got, it is important to share the skills and gifts you’ve got with others. You can make difference to someone’s life. It will make our communities better and fairer.” 

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