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Volunteers Week 2022 – English Tutor Volunteers

Volunteers add so much to the work of RMC. A prime example of this is our English tutor volunteers who provide classes for asylum seekers. Judy has been delivering this class in Wolverhampton for almost five years. We are delighted that we now have Katrin in Birmingham who has recently started a similar class.

For those that are awaiting a decision on their refugee status, they are unable to access college to learn English for the first six months after arriving, so classes such as Judy and Katrin’s are a vital way to get people started. We spoke to them both about their experiences of volunteering.


Katrin is volunteering in Birmingham as an English tutor at RMC. Originally from the USA and a mother of two, her children are now fully grown and after years of being a music teacher she decided to do something a little different.

After completion of CELTA course, Katrin decided to help people struggling with English language in the UK. She believes that the refugees and migrants coming to the UK from countries where English is not the first language ultimately face a language barrier. The language-related issues vary from simple daily life tasks such as shopping, booking appointments over the phone with the NHS to shrinking employment opportunities.  Katrin firmly believes helping others adds meaning to her own life.

“Volunteering is not merely about helping others, but is more about getting satisfaction through that help of others and finding inner peace. I like to volunteer in life because it gives me confidence.”

Katrin enjoys teaching English to the refugees and takes pride in their success to use English language in daily activities.  


Judy has been volunteering for nearly five years teaching the Wolverhampton English class for asylum seekers. See her story below.

Volunteers Week takes place every year and is a chance for organisations to celebrate the work volunteers do. For many years, RMC have taken part, but we do our best to ensure volunteers are recognised throughout the year also. Our volunteer and training manager Claire is always on hand to support, celebrate and showcase the amazing things the volunteer team achieve.

If you are interested in volunteering, see our volunteers page

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