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Ukraine support

RMC runs several Resettlement and Integration Programmes across all our regions which include a variety of packages of support to settle, integrate a build a new life in the UK.

Our Ukraine support package began in 2022 after the Ukrainian war began.

Information and guidance

In the initial phases of the Ukraine crisis, the key focus was ensuring information was accurate and people understood the routes available to them and the help they could access/provide.

RMC created a series of graphics which were regularly updated as guidance changed and worked with organisations and the community to ensure accurate information was out there and help was available. RMC’s drop in support offered advice on and additional language support was taken on to provide this in Ukrainian/Russian.

Alongside this, an appeal was launched with a vigil held to show support with with the community and raise vital funds to make more of an impact.

Host support

With the Homes for Ukraine programme, RMC provided support for hosts as well as being the provider for completing checks with host families to ensure a safe and suitable place for new arrivals to live.

RMC’s resettlement team have been working collaboratively with organisations to ensure hosts are supported as well as new arrivals to try and build the best relationships and a long term support network for arriving Ukrainians.

Awareness raising

RMC have worked with a range of new arrivals, RMC staff and media organisations to help raise awareness and tell stories of those arriving.

There have been several stories hit the media, from RMC’s Immigration Department manager speaking to Sky News around immigration options, to Ukrainian clients being supported to speak to local newspapers and more. On top of this, we have had a number of the public supporting us to raise funds and awareness through running events and other activities.

Stories from our Ukraine work

Marta (with Soffia interpreting) – speaking at RMC’s City Service project launch.
Marta arrived from Ukraine having fled the country during the invasion. She spoke of the confusion she felt after arriving. The unknown and the questions she had.
“I came to RMC. I was really happy I was able to seek the help and there were people in the UK that really wanted to help. I have been able to find people here I am friends with now. I have found a job and am happy here.”
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