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City Service Project Launch

RMC launches new project in Wolverhampton, in collaboration with the City Council, to support those in the most vulnerable situations.

On Wednesday 22nd June, the new project was launched during an event also celebrating Refugee Week. Attendees included Cllr Jasbir JaspalCabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing and Cllr Greg BrackenridgeCouncillor for Wednesfield South, plus members of the City Council and service users of RMC.

The project

The new initiative will build on existing services and provide a platform for a variety of key organisations to be able to refer directly into RMC’s specialist and dedicated team.

Having recognised that those in the most vulnerable situations are less likely to be able to attend a drop in service, there was need to ensure appropriate support was provided to this group. In collaboration with Wolverhampton City Council, the project was designed to allow services such as Adults and Children’s Social Care, the Private Rented Sector and new Community Services to be able to directly refer clients into RMC.

The referrals will come through to a dedicated team within RMC who will provide the support and will ensure action is taken within 24 hours.

What is covered?

The newly formed team will provide a range of support services, pulling on RMC’s years of experience and specialist team. It will include:

  • Immigration advice
  • School liaison
  • Health support
  • Resettlement and integration
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children’s support
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Family support
  • Employment, Education and Training support


During the event, those supported by the team during its trial period came to speak on the impact the work had had on their lives, as well as councillors on their experience of working with RMC.

Marta (with Soffia interpreting)

Marta arrived from Ukraine having fled the country during the invasion. She spoke of the confusion she felt after arriving. The unknown and the questions she had.

“I came to RMC. I was really happy I was able to seek the help and there were people in the UK that really wanted to help. I have been able to find people here I am friends with now. I have found a job and am happy here.”


Emmanuel was living in temporary accommodation where RMC were providing support.

“[RMC] Have been so supportive… There’s no matter how worried you are, they will always find a way out for you. Find an answer for you.

When I came to England with my family my children had no [access to] education, no clothing, no money. We didn’t know where to start. Now today I have the answers. My first daughter is gong to finish her GSCES tomorrow and I am grateful to wolves council and the community.

Today, we are happy. “


Ahmad arrived from Afghanistan in April 2022 and wanted to improve his English to help his integration and prospects in the UK. Angela has been supporting him and his family with ESOL classes.

“Really appreciate English classes. Thank you to Angela and RMC. Also, we receive some other services from RMC when we come here. We did not know how to go to doctor and the team here help me and my family to register at GP. Now we can go to doctor when we are sick and I really appreciate everyone’s help.

It has been really good for me to come here.”

Cllr Greg Brackenridge

Greg spoke of the hard work of the RMC team for working across so many areas and supporting various communities, with a special mention for the support for newly arriving Ukrainians of which Greg began the Wolverhampton Ukrainian Appeal.

CllrJasbir Jaspal

Jasbir opened the event and spoke of the great diversity in Wolverhampton. As a migrant herself she knew the importance of welcoming people and ensuring people are given the opportunity to thrive. She also spoke of the great collaboration between RMC and the Wolverhampton Council for the last two decades.

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