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Project Showcase – Ahmad and Ghousoun

On the 10th of November 2021, RMC hosted our first Wolverhampton Project Showcase. It was a day of bringing together those that have supported RMC, and those that have been supported by RMC. Sharing stories, getting to know each other and having a meal together.

Ahmad and Ghousoun have lived in the UK for five years, arriving on the Syrian Resettlement Scheme and supported by RMC since they day they arrived in the UK. They now have their own businesses and have settled and integrated into life in the UK with their children now at University.

Both came to the Project Showcase to speak about their experiences

Ahmad – “My name is Ahmed, I am from Syria I have lived in UK for five years. When I first came to UK, I can’t speak English at all. Now after going to college and after RMC help me register for classes now I can speak.”

Ghousoun – “I speak not quite as good but is OK. [The councilor present disagrees, and compliments how good Ghousouns English is] When I first study English I study level one math and English. I want to improve more as my ambition is to become a pharmacist. With support from RMC, I completed level 1,2 and 3 in English.

Me and my husband started our own business and then were given the chance to do a business course with MiFriendly Cities. They teach us how to do business and we were able to open shop to sell party dresses, very nice dresses.”

The image is taken behind Ahmad, showing him speaking to the councillors about his experiences.

Ahmad has 28 years’ experience as a tailor, and their business builds on both their skills. Ahmed crafting outfits and Ghousoun dealing with customers and selling them.

Ahmad and Ghousoun stand in front of a crowd, speaking about their experiences

Ghousoun – “Now I am so happy, my daughter is at the Uni. She is 20yrs old. When she came she barely speak English. She says very little. Now she studies biomedical science and can speak English well. My son has also finished his studies. Everyone is doing well.

I want to say special thanks to RMC and Wolverhampton City Council. I have a house, I have everything I wanted. There was someone there to help me register with GP, get kids to school, everything.”

Ghousoun’s final advice for new arrivals was simple: “I advise everyone that comes to the UK to work hard, study English, study hard. Now I have done all this I am settled.”

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