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Specialist support for Hong Kong arrivals

RMC has been supporting new arrivals in the UK for over 20 years. We know the barriers people face in building their new lives and how important it is to get to know the local area.

For this reason we have created a custom welcome package for those arriving from Hong Kong. Our four week programme will introduce you to key areas in your local neighbourhood as well as key organisations and how to access support.

Week 1 – Welcome to your neighbourhood

Introduction to your town, including a walking tour with key sites such as shopping areas, libraries, galleries, supermarkets and local landmarks. Find out about the history of your area and all its key sites.

Week 2

Dealing with bureaucracy

Guidance on how to navigate HMRC (taxes), DVLA (registering car ownership & licences) and Local Authority (council tax).

Public services

Introduction to how the British police force and fire services help the community.

Week 3 – Health Services

In this session we will guide you through NHS services and your entitlements. Learning about which service to use when, about health professionals and the importance of managing your own health.

Week 4 – Accessing local services

In the final session we will look at being an active citizen and how you can get involved in the community. We will cover local politics, groups and activities as well give opportunity to ask questions to someone who lives in the local area. Find out about bin collections, best places to eat or anything else you like.

Employment support is also available for new arrivals wishing to get into work in the UK.

All for free, delivered by experienced professional staff

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Hong Kong Support Programme

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