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Case Study: EU Settlement Scheme – Preventing destitution for single mother

Amelia (name changed) is a single mother of 5 children, originally from Romania who is also pregnant. In less then six months, her whole life was turned around.


Amelia had been living in the UK for more than 7 years, Due to her parental responsibilities, however, she had not worked for much of this time.

In December 2019 she was in emergency accommodation with her situation becoming increasingly difficult after being refused Universal credit. She was been deemed to have failed the Habitual Residence Test (a test which shows if you have lived regularly in the country for a prolonged time).


When she arrived at RMC, she was able to speak to a Romanian advisor in her own language. It was recognised immediately that the family were eligible for and could greatly benefit from making applications under the EU settlement scheme. They applied for her that same day.

In partnership with Birmingham Mission, Amelia and her family were also provided with food parcels. As an extra bonus, as it was close to Christmas, they were also given some toys for the children.

However due to a complete lack of income, the family’s situation became increasingly difficult. There was a growing risk of becoming homeless. As a result, several calls were made by RMC advisors to follow up the application and stress the urgency.

Birmingham Mission supporting families with food parcels

Working closely with Home office team that made the decisions on her case, we were able to fast track the decision. She received this in January, allowing a fresh Universal Credit claim to be put in, preventing the family from becoming homeless and destitute.


Amelia has now had her sixth child, and has continued to be supported by RMC’s advisors. She is now living in her own home with her children and thanks to a BBC Children in need fund, has been able to get a cot for the new baby, beds for the children and a washing machine.

In less than six months, Amelia’s life was turned around. She was supported to establish a new life, in a new home, with permanent right to live in the UK and end the worry of destitution for her and her children.

Amreet, RMC staff member

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