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Windrush support

Arrived in the UK before the end of 1988? Or the child of a Commonwealth citizen who arrived before 1973?

Struggled to prove your legal status in the UK?

Suffered losses because you couldn’t prove your legal status? 

For those impacted by the effects of Windrush, RMC can provide support to check if you are eligible for compensation, and ensure you get the correct documentation to support your right to live and work in the UK.

RMC and Windrush

RMC is an accredited experienced charity in providing immigration advice and all our support is provided free of charge. We have worked for many years with Windrush clients, including key work in raising the issue publicly and delivering follow on support for those impacted

You can see more of our work around Windrush here

What to do if you have been impacted

If you, or someone you know may have been effected by Windrush, please do get in touch and we are happy to help. You can email us on or attend our drop in service.

One of our team will be able to provide advice and look at your case as well as submitting any applications and taking on any follow up as necessary.

We have offices in Wolverhampton, Walsall and Birmingham and full details of addresses and drop in times can be found here.

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