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UK Resettlement Scheme (UKRS)

RMC runs several Resettlement and Integration Programmes across all our regions which include a variety of packages of support to settle, integrate a build a new life in the UK.

The UKRS project began in 2022 and replaces the original Syrian version of the project. This version offers a route to resettlement for a wider scope of people.

Initial arrival

The first arrivals have already started coming through with our team providing airport arrival pickup and initial help in settling into their new homes and local area. Within the first few days of arrival, welcome briefings take place, introductions to local key organisations and places as well as getting children into school and appointments booked with GP’s and similar agencies.

A warm welcome

With more families due to arrive on the new project, the team are working hard to integrate those arriving and help them build their new life in the UK. During school holidays, activities and trips are planned before the children begin back at school and the parents are able to begin ESOL classes or look for work once they are ready.

New arrivals will be provided with ongoing support over a number of years. The initial support levels will be very high as families settle and begin to build their lives in the UK. As time goes on, the support will reduce to allow independence.

Stories from UKRS

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