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Refugee Week – Watch a film

During Refugee Week, some of the best films and stories around Refugees are being shown and shared. We have pulled together some of the best we have found so far. Additional films can be found at –

Many of these films can be difficult to watch. But their stories are important, their messages still true.

Oksijan – short film

The true story of a 7-year old Afghan refugee who was being smuggled to the UK in a refrigerated lorry when the oxygen inside began to run out.

For Sama – Award winning documentary

One of the most powerful films of recent times, showing  life through five years of the uprising in Aleppo.

For Sama will be the single most heart-wrenchingly honest film you have ever seen. No amount of acting, elite accolades or story manipulation will ever compare to the genuine truth captured by a woman with a camera in Syria. It is truly an honour and a privilege to see this film.

Full details of how to watch it, and for the post screening discussions and resources, visit –

Child friendly

Moving worlds has created some short films to help raise awareness with Children

Space Refugees (10 mins) – A grandfather with his granddaughter escape their ruined planet in search of a time/place on earth that will accept them: Babylon 570 BC, Rome 100 AD or London 2018 AD? Suitable for adults and children aged 8 upwards.

Escape from England (6mins) – What if we were the refugees? What if we had to escape England? How could we get away? Would any country accept us? Suitable for adults and children aged 8 upwards.

Learning tools

Alongside great films, there are some great videos to understand more around what Refugees, Asylum seekers and other status mean. The UNHCR have created many of these, with a few key ones below.

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