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Nigerian Healthcare Project

We need you to help shape the future of healthcare for Nigerians in Birmingham.

RMC has been funded by Birmingham City Council to find out more about healthcare for Nigerians in Birmingham. As part of this, we want to hear from local Nigerians on your experiences and give you a chance to help co-create a better system that will be presented to local professionals.

The current situation in Birmingham

The Birmingham City Council Nigerian Community Health profile shows an insight into the current situation.

How to help improve healthcare for Nigerians

We will be delivering a series of workshops you can attend to help shape the healthcare system for Nigerians Each will start at 10:00am and run for approx 1-2 hours. They will run on the following dates:

  • 20th June
  • 27th June
  • 29th June
  • 4th July
  • 11th July
  • 18th July
  • 12th September
  • 19th September
  • 26th September

What will the sessions be like?

In the sessions, we want to hear from you. Hear about your experiences of accessing health services, what barriers you may have, any concerns you may have, or what is going well that should happen more often. They will be informal discussions where we want you be able to share your ideas openly.

Following this, we want you to help us outline best practice to put forward to health professionals to take your ideas and try and turn them into action.

How does it work?

The sessions will take place in our Birmingham office. One of our team will lead the discussion and ask you to share your ideas and experiences. We will take notes of what is discussed to make sure we get all your ideas down.

You will also have a chance to help deliver these ideas to professionals and ask them questions on certain topics.

A £20 thank you voucher will be given to those that participate in the workshops.

Get in touch

Have any questions? Get in touch with Ernest who can provide further information.


Nigerian Healthcare workshops

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