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“Life in the UK” test support

With our usual Life in the UK classes on hold, our tutor Richard has been working hard to create resources to send out to his students to continue their learning.

We wanted to share a section of these each week, along with useful resources for those wanting to learn.

Life in the UK introduction

The resource book

The Home Office produces the official guide with all the information you need to know within it.

An online version can be found here and the pages referred to from the book link to certain chapters as shown below.

The exam

Many immigration applications require you to prove you have a knowledge of “Life in the UK” and the exam to prove it can be booked via the website with a charge of £50 per attempt.

Usually as part of this, you will also need a good level of English. If you need help with English classes, click here

You need to get 18 or more out of 24 questions correct in order to pass.

Online SectionHome office book pages
Values and Principles Pages 7-11
What is the UK? Pages 12-13
Long and Illustrious History Pages 14-69
Modern thriving society .Pages 70-117
The UK government, the law and your role 118-161

Try an online practice test to see how you get on


Richard regularly runs his sessions when our offices are open and can support one to one or in groups.

Below are some additional reading/listening/watching and key dates he has put together to support peoples learning, in addition to his packs he sends his students each week.

This weeks media highlights:

Windsor Castle – (Sun/25 Oct: Chan.5 17.10 – 19.00). The Queen’s 2nd home – many histories Study Guide: P.24

Carry On Cabby – (Mon/26 Oct: Film 4 17.00 – 18.50) Family comedy movie – ‘Carry On’ studios. Study Guide: P.103

Tate Gallery – (Sun/25 Oct: Radio 3 18.45 – 19.30) People and portraits in modern art. Study Guide: P.94

Isambard Brunel – (Tue/27 Oct: BBC-4 19.00 – 19.30). Famous engineer in UK South-West. Study Guide: P.48

Henry VIII – (Wed/28 Oct: Chan.5 21.00 – 22.00) Private life of the famous Tudor king. Study Guide: P.26-27

Tate Gallery – (Sun/25 Oct: Radio 3 18.45 – 19.30)People and portraits in modern art. Study Guide: P.94

A week in history: 14th June – 19th June

A selection of people or events the Home Office guide lists. (More details can be found by clicking on the blue text)

A week in history: 6th June – 12th June

A selection of people or events the Home Office guide lists. (More details can be found by clicking on the blue text)

6 June: D-day 1944. The allied troops invade Europe via France in order to bring World War II to an end (Study Guide: P.59).

7 June: Robert the Bruce dies in 1329. Famous for his Scottish victory over the English in 1314. (P.21)

8 June: John Millais is born in 1829. Founder member of the modern Pre-Raphaelite artists group (P.94)

8 June: Tim Berners-Lee, internet inventor, born 1955 (P.65)

9 June: Charles Dickens, world-famous Victorian novelist dies in 1870 (P.98)

10 June: The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, born 1921 (P.121)

11 June: Henry VIII marries 1st wife, Katherine of Aragon in 1509 (P.27)

11 June: Motor-racing champion Jackie Stewart born in 1939 (P.85)

7 June: Damien Hirst born this day 1965. His unusual art forms win him many prizes including that of the Turner Prize. (P.95).

7 June: Alan Turing, mathematics expert and computer inventor dies on this day in 1954 (P.64)

8 June: Francis Crick, discoverer of the human DNA molecule network born this date in 1916. (P.64)

9 June: George Stephenson born 1781. With his son becomes England’s first successful railway designer and builder. (Page 48)

10 June: First rowing-boat race on London’s River Thames (1829) between Oxford and Cambridge universities. Now a yearly event (P.89)

11 June: John Constable, portrait painter, born in 1776 (P.94)

A week in history: 25th April – 1st May

A selection of people or events the Home Office guide lists. (More details can be found by clicking on the blue text)

Saturday/25 AprilFrancis Crick (born 1916). Announces discovery of the DNA molecule (P. 64)

Saturday/25 AprilOliver Cromwell (born 1599). Rebel against King Charles I (P. 32-34)

Saturday/25 AprilWalter de la Mare (born 1873) Ghost-story writer and English poet (P.99)

Thursday/ 30 AprilAdolf Hitler (dies 1945). European dictator waged war against the UK (P.56)

Friday/1 May – Duke of Wellington (born 1769) Victory over Napoleon at Waterloo (P.44)

Watch of the week: The King’s Speech – Sun/3 May 22:30 on BBC-1 – Colin Firth (Home Office named actor) in this movie about the current Queen’s father (Study Guide: P. 104)

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