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Case Study – no financial support for new baby

Client M had been attending RMC since 2016. She delivered her baby in mid Dec 2016. Ms M was an asylum seeker with less than £38/week government support and living in G4S accommodation.

Though support for her baby was claimed immediately it was not forthcoming 8 weeks after the birth. She had been breast feeding but went to her GP because she felt she didn’t have enough milk and was told by the GP to bottle feed the baby. However, she didn’t have enough money to buy sterilising equipment nor milk powder.  We contacted the Home Office and were referred to Migrant Help who informed us that it takes at least 8 weeks to process claims.

RMC supported her with nappies, baby wipes and cash from our destitution fund to buy milk powder.

Because of our concerns for the mother and baby we phoned a health visitor who made an appointment for the client and her baby to be seen the following Tuesday but asked us to submit a referral to the city’s Safeguarding team immediately, this we did. Social Services personnel did interview Ms M, but found that she did not need their support.

Asylum support for the baby finally came through when the baby was 14 weeks old. RMC supported the client and her baby throughout that time and RMC, legally qualified caseworkers continued to support her in her claim for asylum. Unfortunately, the Home Office refused her application and RMC are now assisting her to appeal the decision.

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