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Case Study – Daniele Militello

Daniele came to the United Kingdom from Sicily, Italy in July 2019. He said that the main reason for coming to the UK was to find sustainable employment, as this was very difficult to find in Italy. On arrival, Daniele found it very challenging to communicate in English and also had difficulty adapting to his new environment.

Daniele approached RMC in Wolverhampton inquiring about support with his English. He was referred to the English tutor for the MiFriendly Cities Project who created a 20-week Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for him. This plan focused on English classes to develop and improve his listening, reading, and writing skills.

At the beginning of these English classes, Daniele was very shy and was not confident in communicating or participating in class. However, as the weeks progressed he started to gain confidence and was comfortable enough to participate. Daniele recognises the importance of acquiring English Language skills as he knows this is the key to his independence.

As a result of his English classes and the support from the MiFriendly Cities project, Daniele has been able to secure employment working in a restaurant and most significantly believes the project has helped him to start securing his future and providing financial support for his family.

“I am very grateful for the MiFriendly Cities Project as this has, and continues to, support my integration into my new home country.”

“I am very happy to recommend the MiFriendly Cities Project to migrants who want to find their feet in the UK”.

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