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Refugee Week – Get creative

With Refugee Week being hosted online this year, sharing your support is more important that ever, and even easier than ever! Here are a few creative ways to get involved.

I welcome Refugees

One of the easiest ways to get involved. Simply hold up a sign saying “I welcome Refugees” or add your own message as to why afterwards. Take a photo, share it! Send it to us __________, post it on social media and tag us and use the hash tag _______

Get your workplace, community group or whoever else to get involved too and share the welcome to all!

We even have our “I welcome Refugees” colouring in page you can download.

Join the Coronaquilt

Coronaquilt is a collaborative piece of artwork, organised by Art Refuge to explore the “rituals of everyday”.

You can sew, draw, collage, glue, write, photograph. You can use words or images. If you have none of these materials, you can make your image on your i-pad or smartphone. If you can’t get the size or shape right it doesn’t matter. To get involved click here.

The full gallery of images can be seen here


This years theme of Refugee Week is Imagine. It is also one of the simple acts set out by the Refugee Week team.

“This Simple Act is an invitation to take a step back from the current moment, and imagine the world you want to see. What would your school, community, city, or the planet look like, if you made the rules?

You can take this Simple Act wherever your imagination wants to go, and start as small or as big as you like.”

This could involve drawing, writing a poem, taking a photo, storytelling and much more. Anything you can think of!

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