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Project Showcase – Jorge

On the 10th of November 2021, RMC hosted our first Wolverhampton Project Showcase. It was a day of bringing together those that have supported RMC, and those that have been supported by RMC. Sharing stories, getting to know each other and having a meal together.

Jorge has been supported by RMC caseworker Abbey as part of the LAASLO project. This project aimed to support people in the transition from being an asylum seeker to becoming a refugee. This is often a difficult time where everything you need to settle in the UK needs to be set up. Housing, bank accounts, job information, and more.

Once Jorge was granted his status in the UK, Abbey began to support him to get everything in place to begin his settled life in the city. Without this support, Jorge would have had to not only be able to do all these things himself but also know what paperwork was required, with no prior experience of this.

Jorge – “I am from central America, El Salvador. I am not very good at speaking, so I wrote notes on my phone. I firstly just want to express my gratitude to the team at RMC and the city of Wolves.

I came here to the UK in November of 2018 and the home office moved me to the city [Wolverhampton] in December of that year.

I was so happy to find a place like RMC and the city as I feel so comfortable. These people help me from the day I came here.

They improve my skills with school, with job, help me find GP. I am grateful especially to Abby. These people from RMC are like the lights, lighting my way.”

“I arrive in the UK with no one here, I came alone. Just me. I lose my family in 2012. I am here because of the violence in my country. Without RMC, I don’t think I would be in the place I am now. I now have a job, I rent a very nice place. I feel so good in the city. Everything is thanks to RMC and Wolverhampton”

“I just have to say thank you. I have too many words in my heart that I can not express as I am too nervous, but thank you.”

You can see the councils story of the event here

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