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Mental Health Week 2021

Why is it important?

With one in four people experiencing mental health difficulties each year, this impacts a huge number of people. Mental health is linked to general well-being and doesn’t always stay the same.

There is often a Stigma around mental health too, meaning many people do not reach out for support. With a staggering 90% of people with mental health problems reporting it had led to stigma and discrimination and, something clearly needs to change. There is an insightful quiz from Time to Change to show more about stigma.

How to look after yourself and others

The list is almost endless of what you can do. The main thing is taking time and being honest with yourself. It is OK to not be OK.

A technique frequently used in mindfulness, is meditation. There are lots of free sites and apps that can help with this with a few examples below:

RMC’s very own Mindfulness master James has done some overviews of Mindfulness, what it is, how it works and it’s benefits.

What is mindfulness?
How to develop mindfulness
The benefits of mindfulness

Along with this, there are great videos available online:

5 top tips for moving more and feeling better
Mini meditation in nature
How to relax
Focusing on the happiness of others

Find out more

The Mental health foundation have some fantastic resources to learn more about mental health, why it’s important and what you can do to improve your mental health to live a better life.

There is also support available if you are struggling with other issues such as addiction that may affect your mental health. OK Rehab is one such organisation that can provide support.

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